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Stone Cleaning For Pavers & More In Leonardtown

Stone paver washing

Need assistance with stone cleaning for your Leonardtown home or commercial property? Then you'll want to give us a shout at Allegiance Power Washing, LLC today!

Allegiance Power Washing, LLC has been the go-to company for pressure washing for Leonardtown homeowners and commercial property owners for the past couple of years. The reason people love coming to us is that they know we'll do everything in our power to deliver amazing results and that we have a commitment to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Whether you need help with brick cleaning, house washing, driveway washing, or more, you'll be happy to know that Allegiance Power Washing, LLC is here to assist!

One particularly specialized service area we want to highlight is our stone cleaning package. Read on to find out how this can ultimately benefit your property.

Paver Washing

If you have stone pavers around your home, then you may notice how dirty they can get over time. All that dirt settles into the core of the paver stones, and it can be hard to get out. Eventually, it can cause the paver to crack or break. If someone were to get hurt by tripping over one of these breaks on your property, you may be held responsible. That's why regular stone cleaning is such a necessity.

However, you can't just hose the pavers down with a garden hose and call it a day. You need something that can get deep into the surface and draw out all the nastiness for good. That's where we come in.

For stone cleaning, we utilize a combination of high water pressure, hot water, and eco-friendly detergents to eradicate all the dirt and grime that's settled into the pavers. We make sure we remove all traces of gunk for good, leaving behind nothing but a clean surface.

After we're done the stone cleaning, we'll let you stand back and marvel at our results. In the unlikely event you're not happy with our work, please tell us right away so that we can provide a solution. We won't stop working until we know you're happy.

Discounts For First Responders

If you are a first responder, military, or police, we want to give you a 10% discount on our pressure washing services as a thank you for your services to our community and our nation. Make sure you reach out to us today to see if you qualify for this offer.

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