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Expert Pressure Washing In Leonardtown & The Surrounding Areas!

If you're looking for the best possible pressure washing service in Leonardtown, then you've come to the right place! Allegiance Power Washing, LLC is here to help you transform the look and feel of your home or commercial property!

For years, we've been assisting people with all manners of exterior maintenance and pressure washing. Residents and commercial property owners love turning to Allegiance Power Washing, LLC for their pressure washing needs, whether it's driveway washing, house washing, patio cleaning, and much more.

Our founder, Lenny Zelonis, has been serving as a firefighter for more than 22 years, and he understands and appreciates the sacrifices made by those protecting our communities. That is why we offer a 10% discount to military, police, and first responders!

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Towns We Service

No matter where you're located, how big your property is, or how big your budget is, we firmly believe that you can benefit from a good pressure washing. You never have to worry about lifting a finger. We do all the dirty work and take care of everything so that you never have to worry.

Below is a list of some of our service areas in Maryland. If you do not see your town below, please give us a call and ask if you're within our territory.

Residential Pressure Washing Services

One of the many reasons we got into this line of business is because we saw how much of a difference a good pressure washing can make in the quality and curb appeal of a home. This is why we love helping people with our residential pressure washing services.

Below you'll find just a couple of our service offerings for residents across Leonardtown. If you're looking for a more customized option that's tailored to your needs, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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Commercial Pressure Washing Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although we take great pride in assisting our residential clients, we want commercial property owners in Leonardtown to know that we can assist you as well. We offer a wide range of commercial pressure washing services, including parking lot cleaning, building washing, storefront cleaning, and much more.

Your home deserves to look its absolute best. That means getting it pressure washed on a regular basis. The question is: how often should you get it washed? While this can vary based on how dirty your home gets, typically, it's recommended that you have your house's exterior washed at least once every few months.

Traditional pressure washing is great for cleaning hard surfaces like brick, stone, and pavement. However, for more delicate areas, such as shingles or vinyl siding, you'll want something a little gentler. In these instances, we use a method known as soft washing, also sometimes called no pressure or low pressure washing. This involves lower water pressure combined with eco-friendly detergents to eat away at stubborn stains and muck. The best part about this method is that our chemicals are completely safe for the environment and your home. You don't have to worry about any issues arising. Your children and pets will be able to play outside almost immediately after we've finished.

Nothing is more frustrating than finding old, set-in stains around your property. You can't just hose them down with a garden hose and expect great results. You'll want something a little more aggressive. This is where we come in with our commercial-grade pressure washing equipment and eco-friendly soaps. No matter how old or set-in the stains are around your property, you can have peace of mind knowing that we'll be able to eradicate them for good.

Why Choose Allegiance Power Washing, LLC?

When you decide to finally go forward with pressure washing your home, it's crucial that you pick a company that will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely. Allegiance Power Washing, LLC stands out from the rest by adhering to strict guidelines and safety measures to ensure that we not only deliver amazing results but that we do so in a safe and ethical manner.

In addition to this, Allegiance Power Washing, LLC utilizes only the finest in contractor-grade pressure washing equipment, and we use eco-friendly chemicals that eat away at even the most stubborn grime and stains. Don't worry. These chemicals are completely safe for your home and the environment.

why choose Allegiance Power Washing, LLC

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