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Top-Rated Pressure Washing Company Serving Hollywood

Hollywood pressure washing

For all your pressure washing needs in Hollywood, Maryland, Allegiance Power Washing, LLC has got you covered!

For the past couple of years, we've been proudly serving the Hollywood community, offering all manners of pressure washing services. People know that if they want quality pressure washing, then we're the ones they should be calling. Thanks to our commitment to ensuring utmost customer satisfaction and our dedication to delivering amazing results, people know that we'll be able to address all their needs.

Hollywood's Favorite Pressure Washing Service

Read on below to find out the details behind some of our most popular services. If you'd like to know more about what pressure washing work we handle in Hollywood, Maryland, then please call us at 301-997-5228.

Dock washing: If you own a boat, then you know how much fun it can be, but also how exhausting it can be as well, especially when it comes to dock maintenance. When you're getting on or off your boat from the dock, you want to be sure the surface is clean and not slippery. Unfortunately, algae, mold, and other elements can accumulate on the surface of your dock, making it a hazard. You'll want to keep your dock clean in order to ensure it's safe. That's where dock washing comes in. We'll use a combination of hot water, high water pressure, and eco-friendly soaps to remove all the nastiness from your dock so that you and your fellow travelers don't need to worry about slipping. Don't worry - the soaps we use for our pressure washing service are eco-friendly and won't harm the environment.

Driveway washing: Have you taken a good look at your driveway lately? If so, then you might have noticed that it's not looking its best. It's probably covered in oil stains, tire marks, and tons of other nastiness. If you don't act quickly, all that grime can get deep into the surface and actually cause the asphalt to crack. You don't want to spend that money on repairing or replacing your driveway, so we advise you to take advantage of our driveway washing services sooner rather than later. With this package, we'll clean your entire driveway from front to back, eliminating all manners of grime for good and leaving behind a clean driveway that you can feel safe parking on.

Hollywood Concrete Cleaning You'll Love

If you've ever tried to clean concrete, then you know how difficult it can be without the right equipment. That's why, if you're a homeowner in Hollywood, Maryland, we recommend you instead reach out to us to handle it. We have commercial-grade pressure washing equipment and powerful eco-friendly soaps that can get deep into the surface and draw out all the grime and impurities for good.

Latest Projects

House Wash in Hollywood, MD

House Wash in Hollywood, MD

Allegiance Power Washing was contacted by this homeowner after realizing green algae had taken over a significant portion of their home's siding, deck, and garden shed. We gladly stepped in to offer a professional cleaning for the property. Utilizing our proprietary blends of algaecide detergent and our […]

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